Tuesday, January 31, 2012

psvita led mod

 PSVita Led Mod ! !
 There are 8 screw need to be unscrew to openup vita , 4 on the side , 2 is on the bottom and the other 2 screw is near this connector
 to openup vita after unscrew all the screw u need to take out all the memory card, gamecard and  simcard holder then pry from top..if pry from bottom its more likely u gonna ruin the touchpad ribbon and battery connector
 rear back plate , battery and touchplate ribbon

 black smoke trigger,,only white led will be suitable for this kind of trigger

 trigger :p
 sorry this will not be a tutorial because i dont want people screw up their psvita for modding attempt :)
thats all for today ! i am lazy to write ahahahaha bye2

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