Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fusion Custom Hub

 just doing this mod because i am kinda bored with the white led..haha..does it look better than the 1st colour ...?


now me and wetfusion already opened a new shop for modding purpose..a custom console shop..anyone who doesnt know him can go to his blog  wetfusion
Fusion Custom Hub

 water curtain

 evo HELANG in mass production..!
there will be a lot of new picture for 2nd section of the shop and ground floor..but wait until we finish all the renovation 1st and then next month will be a proper opening ceremony :) 
next entry will be for this shop ..! and hopefully ALLAH will bless our business and make the journey easier for us..this is the 1st custom console shop in malaysia and it is collaboration within me and i can say maybe only both of us is the only modder in malaysia ..even we are on seperate route, he and his playstation and me with apple stuff ..modding is still our main core ! and will always be our main core..we invite all the modding lover to come and join us in what we are doing now..

 new stuff to mod is Hotwheels.. 
so i will wait for the next update to show all reader about what we are doing in our new shop..bye2 :)

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