Monday, October 1, 2012

First Fight 'Balls to Brawl'

finally the day has come ! this is the cage that gonna be my first cage fight..located at Muayfit PJ

yup its true ! top 10 MMA gym in of the most establish gym around Malaysia..aku boleh rasakan Heat nya pada saat aku sampai dan jejak kaki kali pertama kat sini , aku nampak orang gagah2 dan tangan penuh muscle , rambut macam penyapu , muka2 pecah kena tumbuk , muka mintak kena tumbuk hahaha

briefing time organised by Management



. Each match will be 3 x 3 minute rounds. Rest periods will be exactly one
minute between rounds


. All fighters should wear appropriate shorts
. Rashguards are optional
. All fighters must wear a head gear, groin guard and mouth guard
. Fighters wear our official MMA gloves (provided by Muayfit)
. Only tape, bandage and gauze may be used to wrap hands


. All closed hand strikes are allowed to the legs, body and head.
. All kicks are allowed to the legs, body and head.
. All knees are allowed to the legs and body only.
. Throws/ Takes Downs/ Sweeps/ Slams
. All standing submissions – Chokes/ Arm Bars/ Locks
. Shouldering


. All closed hand strikes to the legs, body and head.
. All Submissions, Chokes/ Arm Bars & Locks/ Leg Locks (Except Toe Holds)
. If one (1) fighter is on the ground and the other is standing, both fighters are
allowed to throw kicks to the legs.


. Elbow
. Knees to the head of a grounded opponent
. All knees to the head, intentionally or accidentally
. Head Butting/Eye Gouging/ Hair Pulling
. Putting a finger into any orifice or into a cut
. Linear/ straight kicks to the knees
. NO Heel Hooks or Toe Holds (Twisting against the knee)
. Groin strikes
. Stomps
. Intentionally hitting the back of the head
. Striking the Spine or Kidneys
. Throws onto the head or neck (spiking)
. Throws against a joint
. Throwing the opponent out of the ring/ cage
. Twisting neck cranks (Can opener is allowed)
. Holding the ropes/ cage
. Pinching/Biting/ Gouging/ Fish Hooking
. Grapping the opponents shorts/gloves or other protective equipment
. Choking with the hand on the throat or grabbing the trachea
. Small joint manipulation
. Clawing
. Twisting or pinching the flesh
. Grapping the clavicle
. Spitting


. If the fight has not finished by the end of the third round, the judge will decide the
overall winner.
. The referee may stop the contest at any time if he considers one fighter to be
taking too much punishment or no longer defending himself intelligently.
HSport Martial Arts team !

 dah tak boroi beb..

 my friend Nurmakhan

 gambar menganjing..opponent aku kat belakang hahahhahaa

 me and hamza

Yup aku kalah tapi puas hati dapat merasa masuk cage..dapat opponent yang gentleman..aku kalah sebab cardio tak kuat..pancit giler lepas buat submission..
lepas tu aku dah nampak bintang2 dan mula terasa sangat penat dan tak  boleh lawan dah..puas hati sebab aku berjaya buat submission dekat tangan dia dan aku terpaksa lepaskan dia sebab Reff ingat dia dah Tap or submit..Rugi 1 submission !!!
sakitnya hati..tapi sakit lagi tangan opponent aku hahahahahaaa aku masih teringat muka dia tahan sakit dan menjerit 'oh shit ! my hand ! my hand !! ..dan aku nampak tangan dia dah bengkak giler dan nak dislocate siku dia least dia lebih teruk cedera dari aku

 me and my opponent after the fight :) still can have a picture together instead of have grudge after the fight..look weird right ? because for us this is a sport ! bloody sports combat .. and we fight for name with honour..and still i prefer being a friend instead of enemy..
 bibir pecah , mata lebam , telinga cauliflower..telinga nak kena pegi operation sebab dah pecah darah dan makin bengkak

next year aku akan fight lagi sekali..lepas dah cukup terrer hahaha..
aku nak menang !!! 

ok aku tipu.. aku gi sana sebab nak pukul orang jer hahahahah

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